Minutes, August 16, 2016

Minutes for Clarksville CDC Monthly Meeting

August 16, 2016

6:30 p.m.

Pauline Brown Clarksville Neighborhood Center

1807 W. 11th Street


Persons Present: Mary Reed, Malcolm Greenstein, Paula Hern, Gregory Tan, Aubrey Carter

Others Present: Kevin Brown


1. The minutes from July 19 were not approved as there was not a quorum.

2. There had not been a meeting of the finance committee. Feedback from the previous meeting was to have a financial audit every two years, do not use personal credit cards and meet more regularly. The CCDC account has moved to Frost bank and there is a CCDC credit card. It was also recommended either Mary or Teri look over Rose’s receipts and reconcile the credit card bills. It was noted the checking account will start going down due to construction costs of the alley flat.

3.  An update on the property management report is being worked on. The one update mentioned was regarding 1729 A West 11th. A redo of the house is needed.

4. The foundation for the alley flat has not started yet due to the recent rains.

5. There was an update on 1826 W. 10th, a contributing home. Mary talked with the owner on August 16. He now wants to save the current home and add a unit on the back of the lot. There are no plans yet due to the owner’s personal issues. The house will not be on the HOC agenda until September.

6. There was an update on 1102 Charlotte Street, a new home. The plans for the home have been revised to conform to HLC requests which has put this house on their agenda perhaps August 22.  Mary will draft a letter stating CCDC’s approval of the revised house plans.

7. Mary reported on the Neighborhood Potluck at Mary Baylor Park, July 24. She said it was a nice event, but there was lower attendance. Board members and renters did show for the event. There was a book exchange that had mild interest.

8. There was discussion of the CCDC Ice Cream Social, August 28. Everyone was asked to be there at 2:30 to help set up before the event at 3. Gregory will bring gift certificates. Aubrey will get ice cream and ice. And Mary will bring the balloons.

9. In other business, Mary said Ruth Ann continues to say she wants to resign the CCDC board. Mary reached out to BJ Friedman and she is willing to serve on the board. There will be a vote in the September meeting on her membership.