Minutes, February 16, 2016

Minutes from Clarksville CDC Monthly Meeting, February 16, 2016

Board members present: RuthAnn Brown, Aubrey Carter, Kim O’Brien, Mary Reed, Teri Taylor, Chris Thomas, Greg Tran

Others present: Rose Gabriel, David Webber, Rick Hamer

1.     On a motion by Aubrey, seconded by Ruthann, the minutes from the January 19, 2016 monthly board meeting were approved.

2.     Rose presented the Financial Report. In January, we showed a net gain of $5,327. The checking balance was at $7,405, the savings balance was $42,322. We are still negotiating the Home Base loan for the Alley Flat house, reworking the documents so that we will receive three $50,000 draws—one in April, one sometime in the Fall, and the final one sometime next year.

3.     Rose presented the Property Management Report, stating that one tenant is 3 months behind in rent his/her portion of the rent; the remaining portion is subsidized and CCDC continues to receive this amount. The board authorized Rose to notify the tenant of pending eviction if the arrears are not taken car of immediately.

Texas Gas is providing us with free furnaces for all units. We will only have to pay for installation and increased insulation. And plans are in the works to replace all hot water heaters with tank-less ones, with one shared unit per duplex.)  This will cause one “half” to have a slightly higher gas bill, but this can be addressed by a rent off-set.

4.     Regarding the landscape plan for the Pauline Brown Clarksville Neighborhood, Rose believes that it’s too late in the year to plant new trees (we lost 6 trees last year as a result of the drought), but we will move ahead on this and get the work done after the summer heat. Rose plans on purchasing pop-up tents to be used for FunFest and other events. On a motion by Aubrey, seconded by Greg, the board approved an expenditure of $4290 for grading by the driveway, along with addition of steps and a platform near the storage space.

5.     Mary reported that progress is being made on the new website. She hopes to have it finished by the end of the month. The Walking Tour brochure has been a bigger source of frustration, with multiple problems with from the printer; but hope springs eternal, and Mary and Teri hope that it will be complete soon.

6.     David Weber and Rick Hammer presented plans for the remodel of 1106 Toyath, a contributing home. The front of the house will not be altered. The planned addition on the back is modern-looking, but due to the slope of the back yard, the addition hardly will be visible from the street. The board approved of the plans.

7.     Kim reminded the board that 5 seats will be up for election on April 19, 2016. Current board members whose terms will expire are Malcolm, Rushmi, Kim, Mary, and Chris. Kim reported that she will be out of the country beginning the week prior to the election, during the absentee balloting period. Chris volunteered to be the collection point for absentee ballots. Kim will contact Barbara Harlow to see if she will serve as the Elections Administrator. She will also contact Rushmi to see if she is interested in running for another term on the board. (Malcolm, Kim, Mary, and Chris will be running for an additional term.)

8.     Mary reported that plans for the Family FunFest (Sunday, May 15, 1-5 p.m.) are firming up. She has secured community donations for all of the activities. The photo booth will be different this year, and a much more tech-savvy set-up. Also, the balloon clown promises to be a bit hit.

9.     Mary gave an update on the Clarksville History Scavenger Hunt. We are working with Preservation Austin. Mary and Brooke have identified 6 sites. Each site will have an activity for kids to do. In some case, we’ll need to get permission from adjacent property owners so that there is room for these activities. The hunt will be focused on neighborhood history.

10.  No Other Business was discussed.

11.  The board did not meet in Executive Session.