Agenda, June 21, 2016

Agenda for Clarksville CDC Monthly Meeting

June 21, 2016

6:30 p.m.

Pauline Brown Clarksville Neighborhood Center

1807 W. 11th Street

1.     Approval of minutes from the May 17, 2016 monthly board meeting, 5 minutes.

2.     Financial report and finance committee report, (Rose Gabriel, Teri Taylor), 5 minutes.

3.     Property management report, 5 minutes, (Rose Gabriel), 5 minutes.

4.     Update on the Alley Flat project (new CCDC house to be located at 1817B W. 10th Street) and approval of contract with A Vision, LLC, (General Contractors), (Rose Gabriel), 10 minutes.

5.     Presentation of plans for 1102 Charlotte (vacant lot) by representatives of Dick Clark & Associates, (Mary Reed), 10 minutes.

6.     Presentation of plans for 1826 W. 10th (contributing home) by Kevin Brown, property owner (Mary Reed), 10 minutes.

7.     Reappointment of RuthAnn Brown, Teri Taylor, and Chris Crane to the Tenant Selection Committee (2-year terms, ending May 2018) (Mary Reed), 5 minutes.

8.     Discussion of installation of a Little Free Library in front to the Pauline Brown Clarksville Neighborhood Center, (Mary Reed), 5 minutes.

9.     Report on Clarksville History Scavenger Hunt, (Mary Reed), 5 minutes.

10.  Discussion of plans for a Neighborhood Potluck at Mary Baylor Park, (Mary Reed), 5 minutes.

11.  Discussion of date for the CCDC Ice Cream Social, (Mary Reed), 5 minutes.

12.  Other Business

13.  Executive Session (if necessary)