Minutes, November 15, 2016

Minutes from the November 15, 2016 CCDC Monthly Board Meeting


Board members present: Aubrey Carter, BJ Friedman, Malcolm Greenstein, Kim O’Brien, Mary Reed, Teri Taylor, Chris Thomas

Others present: Rose Gabriel

1.    On a motion by Chris, seconded by BJ, the minutes from the October 18, 2016 monthly board meeting were approved.

2.    Rose gave the monthly financial report. Our net gain for the month of October was very healthy ($26,297) but it reflects a reimbursement of $18,751 from the City for the 1817B W. 10th Street project, which offsets the net loss of the previous month. The balance as of 10/31/16 were $21,110 in checking, $ 143,483 in savings.

3.    Rose gave the monthly property management report. One tenant’s rent is late, but has a plan to get caught up by the end of the year. All leases are current. There were no big maintenance issues.

4.    Rose reported that work is progressing on the CCDC house under construction at 1817B W. 10th Street. Framing is almost complete, and window installation began today. Siding installation is to start tomorrow. Rose submitted a reimbursement request last week and learned today that it has been processed.

5.    Mary reported that the CCDC/OWANA holiday caroling event is scheduled for December 10, 6-8 p.m. Festivities will begin at the Haskell House, with food donated by Zocolo, and maybe Nightcap. Santa will be there. We will split costs associated with the event with OWANA; caroling afterward

6.    The Halloween Haunted House was a big success. Tenants Brooke & Kate did the outdoor decorations, and some of the inside decorations alongside some board members. We raised some money, lots of folks just hung out front, and everyone had fun. 

7.    Under Other Business, the board discussed the status of 1618 Palma Plaza. (see Action taken via Electronic Vote below for previous CCDC action regarding this property.) City Council voted to deny the request for historic zoning. The owners can now demolish the house. OWANA was able to get the owners to agree to work with them on new design, and to donate money to fix up the pocket park located at West Lynn and Palma, along with some additional money for West Austin park. OWANA is satisfied with the result. There was no action on Councilmember Tovo’s proposal regarding changing quorum requirments for the Historic Landmark Commission. That issue is ongoing.

8.    The board met in Executive Session to discuss tenant issues.


Action taken via Electronic Vote:

On October 31, 2016, the board voted to support historic zoning for 1618 Palma (located in the Old West Austin Registered Historic District) and a resolution before the City Council which seeks amend the City Code regarding the number of votes required, as well as the numbers of members of the Historic Landmark Commission who must be present in order to take certain actions regarding historic zoning and the release of demolition permits. This matter was time-sensitive and could not wait until the November meeting.


Finance Committee:

The Finance Committee met at 1:15 p.m on November 15, 2017. Present: Rose Gabriel, Mary Reed, Teri Taylor, Kim O’Brien. Expenditures and receipts from September were reviewed. Everything looks good. Mary has copies of Rose’s time sheets and will provide to Teri. Reimbursements from the city for 1817B W. 10th are going smoothly. HomeBase has cashed our previous check (toward principal and interest.) Another payment is due in December. Rose has received a bid for screens on all properties (except Neighborhood Center and Haskell House) that she thinks is high. She will seek other bids.