Minutes (Annual and Monthly Meetings), April 18, 2017

Minutes from the Annual Meeting                      

Board members present: BJ Friedman, Malcolm Greenstein, Paula Hern, Kim O’Brien, Mary Reed, Teri Taylor, Chris Thomas, and Gregory Tran.

Others present: Rose Gabriel and Sonia Hoepfner

1.             Mary Reed, CCDC President, reported on the “State of the CCDC” Annual Report. (Report will be attached; waiting to receive electronic copy from Mary.)

2.             Teri Taylor, CCDC Treasurer, reported on the CCDC’s Financial Status. Teri’s report covered the CCDC’s fiscal year, which ended in September 2016. Our financial status is strong, showing total income of $174,417, total expenses of $164,418, resulting in a net annual surplus of $9,999.

Teri shared this interesting statistic: the average rent for a 1 bedroom house in Clarksville is $1450/month, as compared to the CCDC’s average rent for a 2 bedroom house is $950.

3.             Rose Gabriel, CCDC Property Manager, reported on the CCDC’s housing program. We are lucky to have very little tenant turnover. Over all, this has been a good year, and it’s shaping up to be even better. We soon will be adding the Alley Flat to our housing stock. It took 5 years from the time this idea was introduced to the CCDC to completion, but we will shortly see a new CCDC house ready for occupancy.

4.             Kim O’Brien, CCDC Secretary, acting as the Election Administrator, announced the results of the Board election. The four candidates on the ballot were elected to serve two-year terms. Aubrey Carter, BJ Friedman, Teri Thomas, and Gregory Tran—all previous board members—will serve until April 2019.

Kim reported that the membership drive brought in 51 members. Of those, 15 voted absentee. Another 9 voted in person prior to the meeting, bringing the total number of voters to 24, for a 47% voter turnout.


Minutes from the  Monthly Meeting

Board members present: BJ Friedman, Malcolm Greenstein, Paula Hern, Kim O’Brien, Mary Reed, Teri Taylor, Chris Thomas, and Gregory Tran.

Others present: Rose Gabriel and Sonia Hoepfner

1.    On a motion by BJ, seconded by Malcolm, the minutes from the March 21, 2017 monthly board meeting were approved. (Corrections noted have been made in the official record.)

2.    In March we showed a net loss of $14,348. The loss is due to construction bills from the Alley Flat. We have spent the city’s grant money, and are now spending funds from our HomeBase loan. Because of repayments from loan sources, this month’s loss will be offset next month. Our checking balance shows a net loss of $1564, our savings balance is a robust $144,654.

The annual audit is underway.

There was no Finance Committee meeting this month.

3.    Rose gave the property management report. All but two tenants are current. Payment plans are in effect, and leases will not be renewed until tenants are current. 1009A Charlotte is still vacant; waiting to make contact with the person who donated the house to the CCDC in the 1980s, so that we will have proof as to when the house was built.

As a follow up to last month’s discussion, Rose stated that for filling future vacancies, she will submit applicants that she determines fit the property and the board’s requirements. She will have met with them in person prior to submitting them. She’s preparing a questionnaire for prospective tenants that will obtain all the information both she and the board needs. Her recommendations will be presented to the Tenant Selection Committee.

4.    The CCDC Alley Flat house, 1817B W. 10th Street, is complete. An Open House is scheduled for April 19, 5-7 p.m. City Councilmember Kathy Tovo will speak at 5:30. Snacks will be served. Everyone is welcome.

5.    Deteriorating conditions at the house located at W. 10th and Toyath were discussed. We have heard that the property was up for auction. Discussion concerned finding out if this was true. Regardless, there may be a need to file a complaint to the City regarding conditions.

6.    Kim brought up that there had been discussion about amending the current membership policy requiring annual membership. The board agreed that this is cumbersome, and also agreed that the bylaws do not specifically require this. After discussion, the board agreed to allow for membership to be “permanent.” There was recognition that there might be some technical/”paperwork” difficulties with this as we go forward, and agreed to revisit this policy as needed.

7.    The Clarksville Family FunFest will take place on Sunday, May 7, 1-5 p.m. Mary will email the volunteer schedule and other details to the board. Ruthann Brown will be selling her BBQ plates again, and the board will be serving chili, frito pies, ice cream and, popcorn. Thanks to Monica Wu and others, the silent auction looks to be a bit better this year. The entertainment will include some new performers, along with some past favorites.

8.    Under Other Business, Mary reported that we received a nice email from the new owners of the Mary Baylor house, 1607 W. 10th Street. Their renovation is progressing—they have the inside done, having saved the original floors and the shiplap walls. They now are working on the outside and hope to have all the siding up and house painted this summer. When it’s all done, they want to invite the board over for an Open House. The board agreed that it wonderful to see this historic house, which was slated for demolition, so lovingly restored. Everyone considers it a victory for Clarksville.

9.    The board did not meet in Executive Session.