Minutes, August 15, 2017

Minutes from August 15, 2017 Clarksville CDC Monthly Meeting

Board Members present: Malcolm Greenstein, BJ Friedman, Aubrey Carter, Mary Reed, Teri Taylor, Paula Hern, Chris Thomas, Gregory Tran

Others present: Rose Gabriel (CCDC property manager)

1.     On a motion by BJ, seconded by Teri, the minutes from the June 20, 2017 monthly board meeting were approved. BJ suggested a clarification on item #2 regarding accounting expenses of the July 18, 2017 minutes. With that condition, they were passed on a motion by BJ and seconded by Teri. (Secretary’s Note: this clarification is has been made.)

2.     Rose presented Financial Report. Teri pointed out that the depreciation expense listed is not an actual CASH loss.

3.     Rose presented the Property management report. Three tenants are behind by $2,000-$3,000. The board discussed methods to resolve. The Board discussed lead and lead remediation and possible release documents. Discussed tenant behind on rent and how to resolve. The board also revisited a recent decision to not renew a tenant’s lease because of the board’s desire to return the property to the CCDC’s stock of affordable housing (due to the history of the property, the tenant of this particular unit had not been required to meet CCDC’s income qualifications.) On a motion by BJ, seconded by Teri, the board stood by their decision. The board agreed to extend the lease for 1011B Charlotte until December 2017.

4.     The board discussed Community Conversation Report #1: items discussed were the video, the discussion and the very large attendance and public participation. The board discussed a second CodeNEXT discussion at St. Luke Methodist in October and having John Henneberger speak.

5.     The board discussed the upcoming Ice Cream Social scheduled on August 27, 2017, scheduled:  3:00 pm-5:00pm. The board discussed balloons and prizes. (ed. note: rained out)

6.     There was no Other Business discussed.

7.     The board met in Executive session.

The board adjourned at 7:40 pm.


Action taken via Electronic Vote:

On July 25, 2017, the board voted not to renew the lease for 1708 B W. 10th Street. This matter was time-sensitive and could not wait until the August meeting.