Minutes, June 20, 2017

Minutes from the June 20, 2017 Clarksville CDC Meeting

Board members present: , Aubrey Carter, BJ Friedman, Malcolm Greenstein, Paula Hern, Mary Reed, Teri Taylor, and Gregory Tran.

Others present: Michael Coyne, Rose Gabriel, Dave Sullivan

1.     Minutes were approved for the Annual Meeting on April 18, 2017 and the April 18, 2017 monthly meeting. Malcolm moved approval and Aubrey seconded both motions.

2.     Teri Taylor, CCDC Treasurer, reported on the CCDC’s Financial Status. In May, we had a total income of $16,042.89 and expenses of $11,494.95 for a net balance of $4,547.94.

Teri discussed the annual audit. It looked good, with a few minor corrections. It was recommended that the Finance Committee take consistent notes for meetings outside regular board meetings. A debit card associated with CCDC was obtained so we do not have to reimburse board members for expenses. The auditor recommended reviewing debit card receipts to avoid unauthorized charges. Teri encouraged board members to carefully review monthly financial reports for oversight.

Taxes will be filed (990) now that the audit is completed.

3.     Rose Gabriel, CCDC Property Manager, reported on some issues with tenant’s bounced checks. Another tenant who was delinquent is now current on rent; Rose will wait about 6 months before renewing their lease to confirm their commitment to prompt rent payment.

1009A is still vacant as we continue to research the real date of construction of the house.

1729 just became vacant. It is being painted and repaired before rented. Tenants who moved bought a house.

3 potential applicants will be presented to the Tenant Selection Committee.

4.     Officer elections – Malcolm recommended that the current officers continue. Aubrey seconded. The motion was approved.

5.     Mary Reed reported that a large table and chairs were donated for the Haskell House. She recommended we move our meetings to the Haskell House. Wifi and a small refrigerator will be installed. Aubrey moved approval. Malcolm seconded the motion. The motion was approved. Next month’s meeting will be held there. A reminder will be sent before the next meeting to board members reminding them of the new location.

6.     Mary reported that the Bales House on Theresa Street will be torn down based on approval from the Historic Landmark Commission. The property was divided into 3 lots. Mary, Aubrey and Rosemary Merriam, Zoning Chair of OWANA met with the Joseph Group. They will build 2 large, 2 story modern houses with ADUs in the back. They also met with the folks who will build on the 3rd lot. It will be slightly less modern than the other 2.

7.     David Sullivan, who is a member of the Land Development Code Advisory Group and lives on Waterson, met with the board to discuss his perspective of the first draft of CodeNEXT, which is out for comments. Three additional drafts will be developed based on input. The final proposal will be voted on by Council in Spring 2018. He primarily discussed issues affecting Clarksville, such as permitting density bonuses to promote affordable housing.

The board had many questions such as how will the city enforce the requirements for affordable units, how will the code affect commercial properties?

Dave encouraged board members to speak with him individually about further questions. Comment periods are still open for some portions. Since CodeNEXT is so complicated, there are videos available on line that explain the process and drafts.

8.     Mary distributed a handout about CodeNEXT and explained it. She met with some other neighborhood people and Mary Sanger, who is very involved in the process to protect neighborhoods. She has organized a group called “Community Not Commodity”. She encourages us to write a response citing our concerns to present to the Council. Most neighborhoods have done this, but OWANA and we have not. Mary asked any board members who are interested in developing our response to assist her in writing our position. The board will then approve it before being sent to City Council.

We will have an informational meeting to educate the Clarksville community and gather their input at a later date.

9.     The meeting was adjourned at 7:55PM.