Minutes, October 16, 2018

Minutes from the October 16, 2018 CCDC Monthly Board Meeting

Board Members Present: Aubrey Carter, BJ Friedman, Malcolm Greenstein, Paula Hern, Mary Reed, Kim O’Brien, Chris Thomas, Gregory Tran

Others Present: Aly Byatt, Tracey Rose

1.    On a motion by BJ, seconded by Chris, the minutes from the August 21, 2018 monthly board meeting (recorded by Chris) were approved.  On a motion by Aubrey, seconded by Paula, the minutes from the September 18, 2018 monthly board meeting (recorded by Paula) were approved. 

2.    As of September 30, 2018, we had $9200 in our checking balance, $51,000 in saving. Donations are coming in for the 40th birthday party which should cover the costs. Also, we raised $1000 on the “auction” of 4 ACL 3-day passes, donated to the CCDC by C3 Productions, via OWANA. Monthly expenses included picnic table repairs at the Haskell House. HH. The City had planned to either replace the Haskell House roof, or replace shingles prior to the 40th Birthday Party, but rain is causing a delay.

3.    Per the property management report, two tenants are behind on rent, but are on payment plans to bring them up to date.

4.    There currently is a vacancy on the CCDC Board of Directors due to Teri Taylor’s resignation. Mary reported that an email was sent to all current members regarding the vacancy. Although a number of people expressed some interest, only one followed through and will be interviewed tonight in Executive Session.  

Following the Executive Session, on a motion by Gregory, seconded by Chris, the Board unanimously approved the appointment of Aly Byatt to fill the vacancy on the Board. Aly will serve until April 2019.

5.    Mary reminded the Board of the City staff briefing on the Local Historic District process to be held October 17, 6:30 p.m.at the Haskell House.

6.    Mary reminded the Board about the COA-sponsored LHD information session for property owners to be held on November 8, 7 p.m., at St. Luke Church. 

7.    Mary gave a report on plans for the CCDC’s 40th Birthday Party, to be held October 28, 3-5 p.m. at the Haskell House. BJ has created an evite, sent to special friends of the CCDC. Flyers inviting all neighbors have been delivered door-to-door, along with emails sent to the neighborhood, OWANA, and others. Tents will be set up for the band and the catering. Lee Ann Atherton will play. There will be cake, decorations, and (short) speeches—Mary, Malcolm, and John Henneberger.  

8.    Mary gave an update on 1002 Charlotte. For the second time, the owner didn’t show at the Historic Landmark Commission hearing regarding demolition of the structure, a contributing structure to the Clarksville NHRD, but not historic on its own merits, so it has no protection from demolition. Another hearing will take place. An issue of concern regarding the house: lead dust that will occur with demolition—there are 10 young children living in the cul-de-sac. Will the owner take this into account should the house be demolished?

Mary has reached out to the owner to discuss options—so far, without success. One option the CCDC would like to discuss: should the demolition permit be approved, can the house be moved and serve as CCDC housing? Rose Gabriel, CCDC property manager, will conduct research to see if this is a viable option.

9.    Other Business: 

Paula reported that she has turned in an application to the community parks program for improvements to the Mary Baylor Clarksville Park. She included an arbor by the splashpad, repainting of the basketball lines, and planting a tree by the bathhouse, assuming it won’t interfere with the pipes.

Mary shared information from NextDoor about a 30-year old aggressive husky, white male, with possible mental health issues who’s reported to have confronted women at 9th and Blanco, 12th and Lorraine, other places in neighborhood, and at CVS (according to one or our tenants.) Police advise to call 911 if seen or threatened.

10.    The board met in Executive Session to discuss filling the vacancy on the Board created by Teri Taylor’s resignation.


Action taken via Electronic Vote:

Due to a lack of quorum at the September meeting, electronic votes were taken on the following items. These matters were time-sensitive and could not be postponed until the October meeting.


·      On September 21, 2018, the board voted unanimously to approve the proposed FY 2018-19 Budget.

·      On September 22, 2018, on a motion by BJ Friedman, seconded by Paula Hern, Gregory Tran was unanimously appointed to a vacancy on the Tenant Selection Committee. He fills a board member slot on the TSC vacated by the resignation of Teri Taylor from the CCDC Board. His term runs through May 2020.

·      On September 23, 2018, on a motion by Kim O’Brien, seconded by Aubrey Carter, BJ Friedman was unanimously elected to fill the vacant Treasurer position vote. She replaces Teri Taylor. Her term runs through May 2019.