Minutes, August 21, 2018

Minutes from the August 21st, 2018 Clarksville CDC Monthly Meeting


Board members in attendance: Chris Thomas, Mary Reed, BJ Friedman, Paula Hern, Aubrey Carter, Gregory Tran

Others in attendance: Rose Gabriel

1.       We approved minutes from the July meeting. Aubrey made the motion. Paula second. One correction was requested: BJ’s name does not have periods in it. [Secretary’s. note: this correction has been made and is reflected in the minutes posted on the CCDC website.]

2.       We reviewed the financial report. We had a loss of $6,022 in July. Current checking balance is $10,632.

3.       We reviewed the property management report. All but two tenants are current on their rent. One is on a payment plan and on schedule to be caught up by October 15; the other is currently 1 month behind. 

4.      Because of a scheduling conflict with CCDC board meeting, Teri Taylor has resigned her position on the board. Several potential options for board members were discussed. Mary suggested all members should give some thought to anyone they know that might be interested. We will discuss further via email.

5.       The Local Historic District training will be on October 17th at 7:30pm at the Haskell House. Mary will see if we can move it to 7:00pm. Mary suggested everyone review the material on the LHD website beforehand. There will be a neighborhood-wide session sometime after that, with the potential of  having house parties afterwards to inform/educate the neighborhood.

6.       The Ice Cream Social will be this Sunday from 3-5. Mary instructed the volunteers to show up no later than 2:15 for prep work. We need someone to go to the grocery store beforehand for supplies; BJ volunteered. Rose will turn the A/C in the HH on Sunday morning

7.       We discussed the city-owned lot at 1611 West 10th. Mary heard back from the city. The lot is being turned over to AHFC on August 30th. AHFC will ground lease the property to the CCDC for construction of a new house. Rose will be meeting with ACDDC next Wednesday to determine the lot size house size and site plan. There was discussion about whether it should be 1 story or 2. We will investigate the possibility of excavating the lot and building 2 stories. 

8.       We discussed the housing initiative proposal. Mary submitted the proposal Austin Community Foundation, but found out later that they have a maximum word count requirement. Mary might revise, but has concerns that we will not properly get our point across with fewer words.

9.       No other business was discussed.

10. The Board did not meet in Executive Session. The meeting adjourned around 7:10.