Minutes, September 18, 2018

Minutes for CCDC Board Meeting, September 18, 2018, Haskell House, 6:30 pm


Board Members Present:  Aubrey Carter, Mary Reed, Paula Hern

Others Present: Rose Gabriel


1. Minutes from last month’s meeting were not approved as there was not a quorum.

2. Financial report from Rose Gabriel. August shows a net gain of $2,275. The checking balance on 8/30/2018 was $6,184 and savings was $51,237. The financial report is attached. There was a finance committee meeting with treasurer elect, BJ Friedman on September 11. The budget for 2018-2019 was reviewed. It will be sent to the board for an electronic vote September 20.

3. Rose presented the property management report. Two tenants are struggling with payments. One is three months behind; a payment plan was negotiated and rent will be up to date by the end of the year. The other is also on a payment plan. All other tenants are current on rent.

4. Due to the lack of quorum, no action taken on election of a new treasurer. An electronic vote will be taken later in the week.

5. Due to the lack of quorum, no action taken on the appointment to the Tenant Selection Committee. An electronic vote will be taken later in the week.

6. Mary briefly discussed the current vacancy on the CCDC Board. Mary made contact with those individuals suggested, but no one was able to commit to being a board member. Mary will do outreach to the CCDC mailing list detailing the obligations and qualifications to see if anyone is interested. 

7. There was a reminder for Board members to have the training for Local Historic Districts, October 17, 6:30 pm, on their calendars. It will be held at Haskell House.

8. There was also a reminder for the COA-sponsored LHD information session for property owners that will be held November 8, 7pm, at St. Luke’s Church. 

9. Mary reviewed the plans for the CCDC 40th Birthday Party, October 28, Haskell House. BJ has come up with the graphics for the invitation for the party. Mary will be sending separate invitations to special people like former board members and Pastor Manning. There will also be a flier and email invitation to get the word out about the party. Carrot cake is being provided by Food Food in Tarrytown. BJ is getting the cake. Leigh Ann Atherton will be providing the music and Johnny is doing the sound system. Salt Lick may be providing the food but Freedman’s is also putting out a bid for the catering as well. There will be tents up for the music and food as it is a possible rain day. If it is hot, misters will be out. Mary will be soliciting sponsors this week. Teri is doing a sign thanking all sponsors and that will be up and visible at the party. Teri is also doing the fliers. The t-shirts Aubrey designed will be for sale. Malcolm and Mary chose a photo of Pumpkin and Ruth Ann that will be framed and hung in the neighborhood center next to Pauline’s. It will be the same size as Pauline’s as well. The party starts at 3 and food available at 3:30. The city proclamation of CCDC’s birthday will be on October 4, 5:30 at city hall. Everyone who can attend is asked to be there.

10. Mary gave an update on negotiations with the owner of 1002 Charlotte to avoid demolition and maintain it as a contributing house. Mary and Malcolm with one other went to the historic landmark meeting at city hall on 9/10. The owner did not show and so the demolition request was postponed until next Monday, September 24. The owner then told Mary she was not going to demolish the house but only renovate. She sent drawings of her plans to Mary which Mary passed on to the neighborhood preservation office. The feedback Mary received from the preservation office was that the house would no longer be a contributing house if the plans were approved. Mary forwarded the comments to the owner and has since not heard back from the owner. Anyone who can attend the 9/24 meeting, please do so. An argument offered to help stop demolition was to ask that the owner follow requirements for a house with lead based paint and possibly asbestos.

11. Report on the ice cream social was all positive. The event was successful and had a happy energy with parents congregating in front  of Haskell House and socializing.

12. Under other business, Paula discussed the Community Activated Project process through the city parks department to get projects approved. The plan is to use the money left over from the shade structure project, $1000, to build a simple pergola by the splash pad, plant a tree at the northwest corner of the bathroom building and re-paint the basketball court. The cost of these will be more than $1000, but the plan itself has to be approved first and funding can be solicited to complete the project. Or at least that is the hope. The next deadline is October 1, so Paula will attempt to complete and turn in the request by then.

13. There was no Executive Session.