Minutes, February 20, 2018

Minutes from the February 20, 2018 CCDC Board Meeting

Board members in attendance: Aubrey Carter, BJ Friedman, Malcolm Greenstein, Paula Hern, Kim O’Brien, Mary Reed, and Chris Thomas.

Others in attendance: Rose Gabriel

1.    On a motion by Aubrey, seconded by BJ, the minutes from the November 21, 2017 monthly board meeting were approved.

2.    Rose and Teri reported that there is nothing significant to note on the monthly financials. With the 4 make-readys of late 2017 behind us, we are back to a monthly net profit, and will be able to start putting money back into savings. As of the end of January, we had $12,862 in checking and $43,020 in savings.

Rose reported that we returned the remaining $50,000 HomeBase loan to them in December. We are now making quarterly payments on the first loan. (note: we still will be able to access the HomeBase money when we need it for new construction.) A bank service charge on the December profit & loss statement was for a wire fee associated with this transfer.  

The Finance Committee met earlier in the day. Teri reported that she could not find any options for a better return on our investments, at least not one that wouldn’t require a long-term investment, than the 3% we are currently making. Rose will ask our accountant questions the finance committee have about the “depreciation” item on our balance sheet.

3.    Rose presented the property management report. All tenants are current on rent. We currently have one vacant unit. Rose is working to find a tenant.

4.    Officer Ryan Tedford, APD, was unable to attend the meeting. Mary said that if we have any questions about neighborhood safety, let her know and she will pass them on to Officer Tedford. Speeding cut-through traffic, on all streets but the east-west streets in particular, was discussed. Mary will talk to him about increased patrols and enforcement of the no right turns onto W. 10th. W. 11th, and Waterston from Newfield.  

5.    Rose presented a request received from St. Phillip’s Anglican Church to use the Haskell House 2 Sundays a month for services until they can find a permanent location for their congregation. After much discussion, the board, on a motion by Aubrey, seconded by Malcolm, voted not to enter into a long-term obligation of the Haskell House.

6.    Regarding Community Conversation #3, The Local Historic District as a Neighborhood Preservation Tool, held January 23 (Presenters: Cara Burtron, COA Deputy Historic Preservation Officer, and Alyson McGee, historic preservation consultant), Mary reported that the meeting went well. It was well attended and many people signed a list requesting more information.

7.    Mary reported that work on the Local Historic District (LHD) website is continuing and should be complete soon. She and Alyson McGee have suggested changes to the City’s LHD FAQ, which will appear on the website. Once the website is up and people have had a chance to look at it, we can begin scheduling house parties &/or meetings.

8.    Mary reported on work that she and John O’Brien have been doing toward the undertaking of a project to survey housing in Clarksville and the rest of Old West Austin. They have prepared a grant proposal and will be seeking funding through the Austin Community Foundation. OWANA will be a part of this effort.

9.    The 10th Annual FunFest will take place on Sunday, May 20, 2018. Plans are moving forward. We’ve hit a snag on underwriting—Grande has decided not to support the FunFest this year—but Mary believes that other local businesses will come through. Malcolm suggested contacting the new owners of the Tavern. Instead of the pony ride, we will have a trackless train, and only one bouncy house, for younger kids only. A climbing wall will replace the second bouncy house. Instead of handling the food in-house, we are looking at a food truck or 2. And we are soliciting ACC graphic art students to participate in a poster design contest (a $150 prize to the winner.)

10.Under Other Business: Paula reported that there is $1000 left over from shade structure project at Mary Baylor Clarksville Park. We talked about seating by the basketball court, or more seating near the playground/splash pad. Also about more trees, possibly through Tree Folks (although watering was a concern.) BJ will contact the Shade Project to see if they might be able to help us somehow.

11. The board did not meet in Executive Session.