Minutes, May 15, 2018

Minutes from May 15, 2018 Clarksville CDC Monthly Meeting

Board members in attendance: Aubrey Carter, Malcolm Greenstein, Paula Hern, Kim Kronzer O’Brien, Mary Reed, Gregory Tran

Others in attendance:  Rose Gabriel

1.    On a motion by Malcolm, seconded by Paula, the annual meeting minutes were approved. And on a motion by Malcolm, seconded by Aubrey, the monthly minutes were approved with corrections. (corrections noted on this copy.)

2.    Rose reported that we showed a net gain of $4,753 for the past month. Our checking balance as of the end of April is $14,624, savings balance $66,020. Rose warned the board to expect an increase in expenses in the upcoming month due to exterior work being done at the Neighborhood Center and the installation of a new a/c unit at 1821A Waterston.

3.    Rose’s property management report showed that all units are occupied and all tenants are current on rent. Regarding leases that are expiring this summer, everyone will renew except for 1011A Charlotte and 1009B Charlotte. These tenants are moving on of their own accord to pursue other housing opportunities, including this success story: one tenant will be buying a home!

4.    APD Officer Ryan Tedford attended the meeting to introduce himself and to see what if any safety concerns we have in Clarksville. Officer Tedford, along with 9 others, works the nightshift in the Baker sector (that stretches from IH35 to 360, Colorado River to 183.) Clarksville is in Baker 2. He reported that there is not much crime in historic Clarksville. Statistics for this year show that the biggest problems are crashing into vehicles and leaving (6) and car burglaries (3). There are more burglaries of vehicles in “greater” Clarksville, as well as DWIs because of our proximity to W 6th Street.

In response to Officer Tedford, Mary reported that our biggest issue is public safety. Our neighborhood has become a shortcut for people who don’t want to be caught in traffic. She told him that it was only a matter of time before someone is injured or worse, and asked what could be done? Officer Tedford said that policing in Austin is more reactive than proactive, but there are things that could be done, for example: officers could spend their “down” time in the neighborhood looking for parking/traffic violations. Another possibility is for him to contact the District Representative—it is their job to watch for these kinds of things. With that being said, though, he noted that when APD starts writing tickets, it’s often the people who live in the neighborhood get ticketed and they might get irritated. Our District Representative is Officer Harvey, 512-974-8123. Ryan will write up what we’ve talked about and pass it on to Officer Harvey. Neighborhood residents may contact Officer Harvey as well.

5.    On a motion by Malcolm, seconded by Aubrey, the current officers were reelected to another one-year term. Mary Reed, president; Chris Thomas, vice-president, Kim Kronzer O’Brien, secretary; Teri Taylor, treasurer.

6.    New appointments are needed to the Tenant Selection Committee. RuthAnn Brown, was serving in a seat designated for board members, the tenant representative has left CCDC housing, and many serving have terms that have expired. Chris, chair of the TSC, will check with current TSC members to insure they want to continue to serve and will make recommendation to fill the two current vacancies.  

Rose will review the duties of TSC to make sure that current policies are up-to-date.

7.    The Clarksville Family Fun Fest is set for May 20, 2018, 1-5 p.m. Mary reminded the board that set up will begin at 10 a.m. and everyone needs to be there.

8.    Mary reported a good turnout for the Buaas-Martin walking tour, probably 25-30 people. Participants enjoyed themselves and learned a lot about the neighborhood. We will offer the tour again in the fall, for those who couldn’t make it that day. People learned a lot about the neighborhood. People who couldn’t come that day asked if we could do it again.

The John Warfield Center for African and African American Studies sponsored a walking tour of Clarksville on May 1, led by their students. It was well attended and attracted a good deal of media attention. They will be leading two more tours on May 19, these in conjunction with The Contemporary.

9.    In Other Business, Aubrey announced that we will have RuthAnn’s Clarksville t-shirts available for sale at the Fun Fest.

10.                  The Board did not meet in Executive Session.