Minutes, April 17, 2018 CCDC Monthly Meeting

Minutes from the April 17, 2018 Clarksville CDC Monthly Meeting

Members present: Mary Reed, Malcolm Greenstein, Teri Taylor, Chris Thomas, BJ Friedman, Paula Hern

Others present: Rose Gabriel

1.    Approval of minutes from the March 20, 2018 monthly board meeting. Kim O’Brien.

The minutes were approved with the following correction: On item 9, the third line, was corrected to read “to hear back from them.” BJ moves to approve and Chris seconds.

2.    Financial report and finance committee report. Rose Gabriel, Teri Taylor.

The negative utility number was due to a check being over drawn that was repaid. Rose said everyone is current on their rent. There was no financial committee report.

3.    Property management report. Rose Gabriel.

Property management report. There is someone new in 1007 A Charlotte-a single mom with a 10-year-old daughter. They were referred through St. Louise house. They came with furniture donated through that program.

4.    Report on CCDC Membership Drive. Mary Reed.

In May 2017, the board decided to no longer require CCDC membership to be renewed annually. The transition from annual to permanent membership went smoothly. Using electronic membership lists that dated back to 2014, an email was sent to 96 previous members notifying them of their permanent membership status. One person asked to be removed from the list. Some members responded that they were pleased with the change. No negative comments were received. Additionally, 8 people new to CCDC submitted applications in response to our March Membership Drive. We now have 103 current members, almost twice as many as we have had in each of the previous 4 years.

5.    Report on efforts to obtain grant funding for Clarksville NHRD street sign toppers and expanded promotion of the Walking Tour. Mary Reed.

We were awarded $1240 from Preservation Austin, one-half the cost of 15 street sign toppers to mark the boundaries of the Clarksville NHRD, and to create and print an 11 x 16 poster promoting the Clarksville Walking Tour. The total cost of project is $2380. Our request to Visit Austin’s Heritage Grant program for the 15 sign toppers was rejected because they were told by the City Neighborhood Preservation Office that street sign toppers should mark Local Historic District only. This is not what we were told when we contacted the NPO. Mary and Kim will work to find a solution to this conflicting information and move forward as we are able. Until we know for certain that the signs can be installed, we will hold off on looking for the additional money needed to match the Preservation Austin grant.

6.    Discussion of Local Historic District (LHD) next steps. Mary Reed.

Mary stated staff at the neighborhood preservation office are short staffed and working overtime which is why it has taken a couple months for them to review the LHD materials Alyson McGee drafted. Allyson has the edited materials now and is revising them. She will send them to Mary who will review them. Then they can be added to our LHD website and the site can go live.

7.    Update on FunFest 2018 (May 20, 2018, 1-5 p.m). Mary Reed.

All underwriters (except two) have paid. The fest is fully funded. There will be one food truck (Taco Flats), climbing wall instead of bouncy house for older kids, and a train instead of a pony. We will have ice cream and popcorn. The yard signs will go up in the Clarksville area to try and increase attendance. We are still waiting on the poster designs from ACC. Teri has agreed to put the past 10 poster designs together for this year’s poster if needed. The music is in place. There are new items for the silent auction. Mary to put out a volunteer schedule closer to the fest’s time.

8.    Other Business

Mary reported on the status of the Buaas-Martin walking tour on April 29. Announcements have gone out and there will be fliers delivered in neighborhood. Everyone will meet at the corner of Augusta and the grassy area at W. 6th

Other walking tours are two Clarksville walking tours sponsored by the John Warfield Center for African and African American Studies.  One on May 1 and the other to be announced.

Other business-BJ contacted the Shade Project and they are donating sunscreen for the Fun Fest. BJ got the name of the supplier of the previous shade structure and their low-end structures are $7-9 thousand dollars. Rose offered some screens she had, but they will need the metal supports. BJ and Rose to explore possibilities.

9.     Executive Session (if necessary)

The board did not meet in Executive Session.

Action taken via Electronic Vote:

On April 26, 2018, the board agreed to adjust the monthly rent of a tenant based on tenant’s current income. The change will be in effect for six months.