Minutes, June 19, 2018

Minutes from June 19, 2018 Clarksville CDC Monthly Meeting

Board Members in Attendance: Aubrey Carter, BJ Friedman, Paula Hern, Mary Reed, Chris Thomas, Gregory Tran

1.     The minutes from the May 15, 2018 monthly board meeting were approved with corrections. Greg made the motion and Paula seconded.

2.     The Financial Report was given by Mary as Rose was not able to attend. We had a net loss of $10,256.02 for the past month due to expenses related to repair and painting of the Neighborhood Center, a new AC unit at 1812A Waterson, and tree trimming in the cul de sac. Our checking balance is $5716, savings balance $68,020.31. Aubrey moved approval of the Financial Report, and Paula seconded.

3.     The Property Management Report was submitted by Rose. One tenant is behind one month on rent; another tenant who has been behind has had a payment plan established to become current by 10/15/18. One unit is vacant with new tenant selection underway. One tenant is providing income verification in order to renew lease. BJ moved to approve the Property Management Report; Aubrey seconded.

4.     Chris reported on the appointments to the Tenant Selection Committee. Chris moved and Aubrey seconded the motion for the new appointments. Current committee members whose terms have expired agreed to continue and be reappointed. BJ will be the new board member and Pamela Jackson will be the new tenant member. The current makeup of the Tenant Selection, and their term of service, is as follows:

Term ends

Chris Thomas, CCDC                            May 2019

Teri Taylor, CCDC                                May 2020

BJ Friedman, CCDC                             May 2020

Malcolm Greenstein, CCDC                May 2019

Bob Bauer, at-large                            May 2019

Chris Crane, at-large                           May 2020

Pamela Jackson, tenant                      May 2019

5.     The revised Tenant Selection Committee policy was discussed. Minor edits were suggested. The revised policy will be brought back for approval at the June board meeting after revisions are made, including how expired terms will be handled and to include staggered terms for committee members.

6.     Mary provided an update on the Local Historic District (LHD) proposal. Allison submitted the proposal to the city staff who suggested changes. Allison made changes appropriate for our proposal. Mary and Kim read the edited proposal and made additional changes. In the meantime, the neighborhood maps had to be redrawn. As soon as the maps are available, the proposal will be uploaded to the LHD website for neighborhood residents to read.

7.     Mary provided a report on the Clarksville Family Fun Fest 2018, held June 10, 2018. Board members expressed satisfaction for the event. The music was uniformly great; the clown’s performance was a big draw for families. The food provided by Mission Dogs was not child friendly and not as appealing as we would have liked. The climbing wall was also very successful. Rose will provide a comparison chart of profit/loss for the Fest over the past several years.

8.     Other business: Paula mentioned a neighbor suggested that we should charge a membership fee. The board discussed the idea and decided that since members of CCDC are shareholders in the organization, charging a membership fee would be inappropriate. It was also mentioned that interested neighbors are welcome to make donations to the CCDC.

The board also discussed potential opportunities for expanding our rental property inventory.

9.     The Board did not meet in Executive Session.

10.  The meeting was adjourned at 7:05 PM.