Minutes, July 17, 2018

Minutes from the July 17, 2018 Clarksville CDC Monthly Meeting

Board members present: BJ Friedman, Mary Reed, Chris Thomas, Gregory Tran, Aubrey Carter, Malcolm Greenstein,

Others present: Rose Gabriel

1.    Financial and property reports were presented first because the meeting was started with insufficient members to vote on passing previous minutes. As of 6/30/2018, the checking account had balance of $0.01 due to a June expense of $6,974.00 on make-ready preparations for properties. The saving balance is $57,328.

2.    One tenant is one month behind in rent; lease will not be renewed until tenant is current on rent. Another tenant is one month behind and has submitted a plan to catch up. The plan was accepted and they are living up to plan. 

3.        Upon Malcolm's arrival, and on a motion by Chris, seconded by B.J., the minutes were reviewed and passed unanimously.

4.    A discussion was held about the adoption of a new Tenant Selection Policy. The move to approve was made by Chris and seconded by Aubrey. The vote was unanimous.

5.    The website for the Clarksville Buass Martin Local Historic District is up at www.clarksvillebuassmartinlhd.org  Fliers will be distributed when school returns to session. There was a discussion of the LHD and how to proceed. Mary said that she believes that the first step will be for the City to hold a meeting in the LHD area to educate people about the LHD process. There will also be training for board members about the LHD details as we'll as house parties to help property owners understand LHDs and to get their questions answered. 

6.    A date of August 26th was set for the Ice Cream Social. A time of 3-5pm was suggested. The social will be at the Haskell House this year and we will rent a drip/swamp fan.

7.    The meeting adjourned at 7:03pm.