Minutes, January 15, 2019

Minutes from the January 15, 2019 Clarksville CDC Monthly Meeting


Board Members present: BJ Friedman, Malcolm Greenstein, Paula Hern, Kim O’Brien, Mary Reed, Chris Thomas

Others present: Rose Gabriel

1.    On a motion by Chris, seconded by Malcolm, the minutes from the November 20, 2018 monthly board meeting were approved.

2.    BJ and Rose presented the financial reports from November and December 2018. November showed a net gain of $3,907, with a checking balance on November 30 of $20,667, savings balance of $51,237; December, a net gain of $1,807, with a checking balance on December 30 of $5,762, savings balance of $76,999.  

Expenses from the holiday event were higher than in years past because we invested in some supplies/decorations that can be used multiple times. OWANA will contribute $100 toward the cost of the event. Rents were down a bit, but tenants who are behind are on payment plans and are catching up. Utilities were higher because a switch to e-billing led to a delay in billing/payment. On a motion by Malcolm, seconded by Kim, the November & December financial reports were approved.

Notes from the Finance Committee are at the end of these minutes.

3.    Rose presented the property management report. Approximately half of our  tenants are paying rent through Venmo which is improving the facility of rent collection. All but 2 tenants are up to date—payment plans are in effect. There were few repairs in November & December.

After meeting in Executive Session to discuss specific tenant matters, the board voted to instigate the eviction process for one household and agreed to extend a lease for another to coincide with the end of the 2019-2020 school year (when their child will finish at the neighborhood school.)

4.    Mary reported that the schedule for Clarksville Buaas-Martin LHD informational house parties has been set. They will run from late January through the end of February. Property owners who live in existing LHDs are scheduled to attend each one. A binder has been prepared that contains neighborhood photos of remodels/renovations/add-ons that would be allowed under draft LHD design standards. It will be at all house parties.

5.    Mary reported that the demolition of 1002 Charlotte will proceed. The homeowner is not interested in the CCDC moving the house to 1611 W. 10th (CCDC land leased from the City of Austin.) The date for releasing the demo permit is not known, but CCDC tenants who live in the cul-de-sac want to know when it will happen so that they can take necessary precautions for their children. The homeowner was agreeable to our moving the house, but set an unrealistic deadline for our making that happen. When we were unable to meet the deadline, she would not extend it.

6.    Paula reported that the CCDC/OWANA Holiday Party, held December 15, 2018, was a big success. More people attended than in the past. The kid’s crafts & snow machines changed the event from a quiet caroling event to a party. And the tamales and queso were very popular, as were Santa & Mrs. Claus. This year the caroling was limited to 2 houses—Pumpkin Brown’s and Willis Littlefield’s. Some carolers would have liked to make more stops.

7.    The first planning meeting for the 2019 Clarksville Family Fun Fest is scheduled for the end of January. Let Mary know if you have any ideas.

8.    No Other Business was discussed

9.     The board met in Executive Session to discuss two tenant-related issues.


The Finance Committee met prior to the Board meeting.

Present: BJ Friedman, Mary Reed, Kim O’Brien, Rose Gabriel.

November and December 2018 expenses were discussed, including expenses related to the Holiday Party, an LHD expense for rent (payment to St. Lukes Church for the 11/8/18 community meeting with City Historic Preservation representatives.)

Prior to the meeting, Rose and BJ met to orient BJ in her new role as CCDC Treasurer, reviewing finances, process, etc. It was a productive meeting for both of them.

Rose reported the following:

·      She is beginning to store financial documents on Google docs

·      She is planning to will purchase a fireproof box to store our deeds

·      It’s time to start the process for our bi-annual audit

·      We will be building a new house at 1611 W. 10th Street. We need to start plans, surveys, architect fees, etc. She asked for $10,000 to be set aside in order to get started. The money will eventually be reimbursed—either through funds from the Austin Housing Finance Corporation (City’s affordable housing bonds) if we are successful in receiving funds, or from HomeBase (funds remaining from OWANA’s affordable housing money.) AHFC previously funded 80% of costs, but now only will fund up to 50%--although this may change as they develop new processes. May 1st is the first funding period we will be able to apply for.