Minutes, Monthly Meeting, April 16,2019

Minutes from the April 16, 2019 Clarksville CDC Monthly Meeting

Board Members present: Aly Byatt, BJ Friedman, Malcolm Greenstein, Paula Hern, Kim O’Brien, Mary Reed, Chris Thomas

Others present: Rose Gabriel, Mollie Smith, Michael Smith

1.    On a motion by Malcolm, seconded by BJ, the minutes from the February 15, 2019 monthly board meeting were approved.

Note: Due to the absence of the presiding officers, no monthly board meeting was held; therefore, there are no March minutes.

2.    BJ and Rose presented the financial reports for February and March. We showed a net gain of $7,141.16. The checking balance, as of 3/31/19, was $11,528, the savings balance, $80,936. Income includes $100 in donations collected at the holiday event, and a number of t-shirts purchased by a member of the Haskell family.

3.    Rose reported that all tenants are either current on rent, or current on their payment plans. One unit is currently vacant, and the make-ready has been substantial. The vacant unit is a 3-1, expected to be available by 5/15. A couple of possible tenants have already been approved, including a Casa Marianela family.

4.    Kim reported that the annual Membership Drive netted 5 new members. Total membership is at 110.

5.    The Board discussed the Clarksville Buaas-Martin LHD effort. Proposed options for going forwarded included: assessing support by going door-to-door; holding another community meeting, to include people who live in LHDs; putting the LHD to a vote; ending the process.

After much discussion the board voted to end the process. The motion was made by Chris, seconded by BJ.

A letter will be drafted and delivered to all residents of the proposed LHD. Copies will be mailed to property owners living elsewhere. (Note: A copy of the letter appears at the end of these minutes.)

6.    Mary reported that plans for the 11th Annual Clarksville Family Fun Fest, scheduled for May 19, 1-5 p.m. at the Clarksville Pauline Brown Neighborhood Center, are progressing well. Mary has secured underwriters for all of the activities except for the Photo Booth. Members of the board, along with Mollie Smith for Minor Wilson, made pledges to cover the cost of the Photo Booth. aMary reported that there will be some great items in the Silent Auction, with lots of new donors contributing goods and services.

7.    No Other Business was discussed.

8.     The board met in Executive Session to discuss a tenant matter.


Text of letter delivered to all residents and property owners of the proposed Clarksville Buaas-Martin LHD:

Dear Neighbor:

When the Clarksville Community Development Corporation (CCDC) was founded in 1978 following years of racist government efforts to destroy Clarksville and benign developer attempts to exploit it, the CCDC’s goal was not only to provide low and moderate income housing, but to maintain and preserve the character and history of the historic neighborhood. Because more of the neighborhood’s historically contributing homes were being demolished or remodeled out of character and because contributing homes in the adjacent Buaas-Martin neighborhood were also under threat, the CCDC Board decided that the best way to preserve the historic nature of these areas was to propose the creation of the Clarksville Buaas-Martin local historic district (LHD).

Prior to doing so, the CCDC met with City officials who were knowledgeable of the LHD process and spoke to numerous people whose neighborhoods had approved LHDs. Also, once the Clarksville Buaas-Martin LHD process began, the LHD was discussed at several open CCDC meetings and subsequently, at a well-publicized public meeting. In addition, several CCDC board members opened their homes to provide neighbors with opportunities to discuss the LHD and get their questions answered. It soon became clear however, that the Clarksville Buaas-Martin LHD was unpopular and divisive.

The CCDC Board continues to believe that the historic character of the Clarksville Buaas-Martin areas is worth preserving. However, in light of the fact that for the past 41 years, community-building has been a key mission of the CCDC, it is with great regret that we have decided to end our LHD initiative. We remain committed to continuing all of the CCDC’s activities -- providing affordable housing, hosting neighborhood events throughout the year, and working to preserve our neighborhood’s history.


The Clarksville Community Development Corporation Board of Directors