Minutes, June 18, 2019

Minutes from the June 18, 2019 Clarksville CDC Monthly Meeting

Board members present: Aubrey Carter, Malcolm Greenstein, Paula Hern, Kim O’Brien, Mary Reed, and Gregory Tran

Others present:  Rose Gabriel, David Clauss (American YouthWorks/YouthBuild Austin)

1.    There was not a quorum of board members who were also present at the May meeting, so the minutes from the May 21, 2019 monthly board meeting could not be approved. This item will appear on next month’s agenda

2.    Rose presented the financial report. We showed a net loss of $6,902 in May. Expenses were high because of make-ready costs at 1007B Charlotte and A/C repairs at 1821B Waterston. As of May 31, our checking balance was $101.01, savings balance, $79,797.07. Family FunFest accounting will be available at the July meeting.

The Finance Committee did not meet.

 3.    Rose presented the property management report. All tenants are current on rent. Rent has been reduced on one unit due to a change in a tenant’s relationship status, increased on another due to an income change. The make-ready at 1007B Charlotte is complete and potential tenants are being evaluated.

4.    On a motion by Aubrey, seconded by Paula, the following reappointments were made to the Tenant Selection Committee: Chris Thomas and Malcolm Greenstein, CCDC representatives; Pamela Jackson, tenant representative. Their terms will run until May 2021.

There is one vacancy on the TSC, the term of which also will run until May 2021. The spot must be filled by a community member. This appointment will be considered at the July board meeting.

5.    The CCDC will be partnering with YouthBuild Austin, a program of American YouthWorks, to build the new CCDC house at 1611 W. 10th Street. David Claus, YouthBuild Austin, introduced himself to the Board and presented information about the organization. Students at American Youthworks spend half of their time in class, working toward their high school diploma or GED, and half of their time in 1 of 3 vocational tracks: construction, medical, or graphic design careers.  They earn professional certifications and a training stipend. With good attendance, they earn approximately $200/week. Most participants are 16-24 years old, approximately 60% male/40% female. They encourage non-traditional roles, so men and women are in all tracts.

CCDC will be working with Casa Verde Builders (CVB), YouthBuild Austin’s  construction career tract. Students will do much of the work, supervised by staff trainers. CVB have completed 94 homes in Austin. CVB homes are 4-5 star homes. Construction will take a little longer—David expects a year for completion of the project, but the benefits of the program are worth the extra time. CCDC will be saving money because we will not be paying for the labor. And an added benefit is the labor “costs” can be used as a grant match. YouthBuild has done a lot of work with Austin Housing Finance Corporation and have a good partnership. David is familiar with the AHFC application, and is confident that we will meet the August AHFC deadline. The City of Austin supports CCDC’s partnership with YouthBuild Austin.

David and Rose presented the board with design options. Of the options presented, the board preferred the one labeled “C-2.” The next step is the preparation of the geo-technical report.

6.    Mary reported on a proposed project to be located at 1400 West Lynn. The project proposes a multi-unit, 3-story structure, with parking located below ground. The units with be small, with shared common space. If approved, it will replace a duplex that is a contributing structure in the West Line National Historic Register District. The developer recently presented plans to the OWANA membership, which did not support the project and voted against  demolishing the existing duplex.

7.    The annual Ice Cream Social will be held on Sunday, August 4, 3-5 p.m., at the Haskell House.

8.    No Other Business was discussed.

9.     The board met in Executive Session to discuss tenant issues.