Minutes, May 21, 2019

Minutes from the May 21,2019 Clarksville CDC Monthly Meeting


Board members in attendance: Aly Byatt, BJ Friedman, Malcolm Greenstein, Kim O’Brien, Mary Reed, Chris Thomas, and Gregory Tran

1.    On a motion by Malcolm, seconded by Aly, the minutes from the April 16, 2019 annual meeting were approved. On a motion by Malcolm, seconded by BJ, the of minutes from the April 16, 2019 monthly meeting were approved.

2.    BJ presented the monthly financial reports and finance committee report. In April, we showed a net gain of $2,247.48. Our checking balance as of 4/30/19 was $7,871; savings balance was $80,937. Make-ready expenses at 1007A Charlotte are high and will likely require a budget amendment.

3.    All tenants are current on rent, save one, who is current on their payment plan. 1007A Charlotte is currently vacant. A substantial make ready is underway: bathroom demo, paint, porch modification. The until will be ready to rent in July. The only other major repair item was related to the A/C unit at 1009B Charlotte.

4.    On a motion by Malcolm, seconded by Gregory, the following officers were elected. They will serve until May 2020.

President:  Mary Reed

Vice-President:  Chris Thomas

Treasurer:  BJ Friedman

Secretary:  Kim O’Brien

5.    Appointments to the Tenant Selection Committee were postponed until the June meeting.

6.    Adam Greenfield, Streets for All, presented information regarding a new City program which allows residents to close their street to traffic for a block party. The City created a block party permit last year. Adam’s job is to spread awareness of program. He will meet with groups to help organize block parties. The process is relatively straightforward: the permit fee is $50; application must be submitted at least 10 days in advance. There is a guide for organizing. Adam recommends 2-3 months lead time. He is anticipating a high demand for National Night Out, but any occasion is good for a block party. 80% of residents of the block must agree in order for a permit to be issued. Additional information can be found at www.austintexas.gov/blockparty or by contacting Adam at austinblockparties@gmail.com or 415-731-1139.

7.    Mary reported that representatives with the City’s Affordable Housing Bonds program are enthusiastic about our collaboration with American YouthWorks in the planning and construction of the CCDC house to be located at 1622 W. 10th Street. We will be able to leverage our match through the participation of their student workforce. A topographic study is being done—there is at least one heritage tree on the property. Our plan is to apply for bond funds in August;

8.    The Clarksville Family Fun Fest, held May 19, 2019, was a big success. The weather was good and turnout was great. The board thanked all of our underwriters, with a particular shout-out to Cover 3 whose employees were at the fishing pond throughout the Fun Fest handing out swag. Too soon to know how much money was raised.

9.    No Other Business was discussed.

10.     The board met in Executive Session to discuss a tenant matter.

Action taken via Electronic Vote:

On April 25, 2019, the board voted to approve an expenditure of $5,000 to American YouthWorks/Austin toward the cost of architectural plans, structural plans, topographical survey, and other items needed to move forward with construction of a new CCDC affordable housing unit to be located at 1611 W. 10th Street.

This matter was time-sensitive and could not wait until the May meeting.


Finance Committee Meeting, May 20, 2019

BJ Friedman, Mary Reed, and Kim O’Brien met. Rose Gabriel was ill, but was available via telephone to answer questions.

Items discussed:

·      Make ready of 1007A Charlotte: very extensive and expensive. (complete bathroom rebuild, complete interior painting, front porch alteration.) Rose anticipates a budget amendment will be needed to cover these expenses.

·      Needed repairs to the Haskell House: Rose to contact the City because repairs should be their responsibility. The possibility of grant funds was discussed.

·      New house at 1622 W. 10th: City has approved of our collaboration with Austin Youthworks. The project may take a bit longer, but costs should be lower.