Minutes, July 16, 2019

Minutes for Clarksville CDC Monthly Meeting

July 16, 2019

6:30 p.m.

Haskell House

1703 Waterston 

Board members present: Aly Byatt, Aubrey Carter, BJ Friedman, Malcolm Greenstein, Paula Hern, Mary Reed, and Gregory Tran

Others present:  Rose Gabriel 

1.    A motion to approve the May 21, 2019 minutes was made by Paula and seconded by Aly. The May 21 minutes were approved.

A motion to approve the June 18, 2019 minutes was made by Malcolm and seconded by Aubrey. The motion was approved with corrections

a.    Item 2 – BJ was not present at the meeting, so her name should be removed from reporting on finances.

b.    Item 2 – the address of the make-ready residence should be corrected. 1007B Charlotte is the correct address.  

c.     Item 5 – The address should be corrected to 1611, not 1622 W 10th. 

2.    BJ made the finance committee report (see minutes below) and the finance report. Malcolm asked about Fun Fest expenses. A full Fun Fest report will be forthcoming listing all income and expenses. Rose provided a spreadsheet with expenses associated with the make-ready for 1007B Charlotte. It was a virtual gut.

3.    Rose made the Property management report. All tenants are currently current with rent. Tenants vacated 1720A W 11th. The house was left in good condition. Rose will install a motion detection light at the corner of the house to dissuade trespassers. The new tenants, a single mother with 3 children, will occupy the house in September.

4.    Mary spoke in lieu of Chris regarding a new appointee to the Tenant Selection Committee. Thomas Schiefer was nominated. He and his wife are the owners of the former Mary Baylor house and he is invested in the culture of Clarksville. His appointment for a 2 year term was approved unanimously.

5.    Rose updated the Board on the CCDC house to be built at 1611 W 10th. A hip roof with dormers was added to the design. We are currently waiting on the survey to be completed and then the application for the COA funding will be completed by Rose and personnel from American Youthworks, with final approval by Mary before the August deadline. Rose has asked AYW about architect fees and has yet to receive a response.

6.    Mary reported on the steps CCDC board members will take to prepare for the new land use code. She has received a map of the neighborhood that board members will use to indicate how the neighborhood has been developed and how it might be developed in the future to preserve as much single-family housing as possible. Aubrey and Brooke will develop a coding system to use in the mapping. The new code will supposedly be finalized in August, go before the planning commission and then to Council for first reading in October. Mary indicated there is the possibility of a lawsuit being filed by those opposed to the code after it is approved.

7.    Mary reminded the board of the upcoming Ice Cream Social, to be held on Sunday, August 4, 3-5 p.m., at the Haskell House. Board member assignments will be forthcoming.

8.    The meeting was adjourned at 7:14 PM.

9.    The board met in executive session.

Action taken via Electronic Vote:

On July 9, 2019, the board voted to approve an expenditure not to exceed  $4,000 to Holt Carson, Inc. for surveying services at the site of the proposed CCDC affordable housing unit to be located at 1611 W. 10th Street.

This matter was time-sensitive and could not wait until the July meeting.


Finance Committee Minutes – 7/16/19

Committee Members present: BJ Friedman, Mary Reed

Also Attending: Rose Gabriel

1.    BJ reviewed monthly bank statement and reconciled the statement with receipts.

2.    Mary and BJ reviewed financial summaries for Fun Fest and the make ready for 1007B Charlotte. In the future, Mary will ask board members to provide receipts for in-kind expenses so we can better document Fun Fest expenses.

3.    Rose will provide the finance committee with QuikBooks breakdowns of income and expenses for major financial report items.

4.    The auditor requested that we document that all properties are rented to comply with deed restrictions and other rent compliance requirements. BJ and Rose will work on this in the coming weeks.

5.    Rose will ask Greg to assist her with determining current market values for our properties to make sure we have sufficient insurance coverage.