The CCDC's Haunted House Was Frightfully Good!

Last Saturday night, the CCDC held its haunted house for little kids. Thanks to the efforts of Brooke Bailey, Aubrey Carter, Paula Hern, Rose Gabriel, Sonia Hoepfner, Brooke Gassiot, Kate Csillagi, and others the house was spooky both inside and out. Thanks also to Jake O'Brien for playing the role of ghost this year and to Rod Root, aka Cowboy Rod, for stepping in at the last minute to take the haunted house entry fee from kids.

Everyone who attended the haunted house seemed to really enjoy themselves and a crowd of adults hung out on the front lawn of the haunted house for most of the evening, which was nice to see. Furthermore, the mini pumpkin decorating table was a huge hit this year thanks to Kate, who provided inspiration and supervision while dressed as Frieda Khalo.

And, those of us who interacted with the kids inside the haunted house had a really fun time too. The event gave us a great excuse to act silly and laugh a lot.