Become a Member of the CCDC!

Photo by Aquir/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by Aquir/iStock / Getty Images

The annual CCDC membership drive is underway! If you’re a current or former resident of “greater” Clarksville, you can join the organization. The boundaries of “greater” Clarksville are: West 12th Street from West Lynn to Charlotte, the south side of Waterston from Charlotte to MoPac, West 10th from West Lynn to MoPac, along with the following streets: Patterson, Theresa, West 8th, Augusta, and Julia. Note: These boundaries extend a bit beyond those for Clarksville’s National Register Historic District.

While all CCDC events are open to anyone and anyone can attend our meetings, membership in the CCDC provides the opportunity for you to become more involved with the organization. In fact, it’s the only way you can vote in the Board of Directors elections—or become a member of the Board, if that interests you.

You can download a membership application by going to the About the CCDC tab and then clicking on Who We Are & How to Get Involved, or by contacting Board Secretary, Kim O’Brien ( Also, if you’re currently living in the neighborhood, one will be delivered to your door in mid-March.

Applications must be received by Tuesday, April 5 for you to be eligible to vote in the upcoming Board election on April 19th.