Thanks to Brian Cumby with Synergy Interests & Brandon Miller, The Brandon Miller Group, for Respecting Clarksville's Geographic Boundaries.

Clarksville has an ongoing problem: Developers, realtors, restaurants, journalists and others are defining Clarksville as being all of Old West Austin (OWA) when in fact Clarksville is just a 10-block area within OWA. For a map of Clarksville go to

Why is this a problem? Because preserving the history of Clarksville includes preserving the definition of the neighborhood’s geographic boundaries and because Clarksville’s African American history and its traditional architecture are totally different from the rest of OWA. To learn about that history, go to

Recently, we learned about a new upscale residential development going in at 1010 Baylor (just up the hill from Goodwill and across from the graffiti park). We also found out that the project was being marketed as being located in Clarksville when in fact it is blocks away from our neighborhood. You may have seen the large black billboard at 12th and Lamar advertising the development using the word “Clarksville.”

As we do every time we learn that a business or individual has identified something as being located in Clarksville when it’s not, the CCDC immediately contacted the developer of the project, Brian Cumby with Synergy Interests, as well as Brandon Miller with The Brandon Miller Group, the company responsible for marketing 1010 Baylor. We informed them of their error and asked them to eliminate all references to Clarksville in their marketing materials. After some back and forth discussion, the companies agreed to do what we asked and will correctly identify the location of the new development in all of their future marketing.

We are so pleased that Mr. Cumby and Mr. Miller are respecting the unique history of Clarksville.