Join us for a walking tour of the Buass-Martin area of Old West Austin

The Clarksville Community Development Corporation (CCDC) will host a guided walking tour along Augusta, Frances, Theresa and a part of Patterson. All of these streets will become part of the Clarksville Buass-Martin Local Historic District eventually if a sufficient number of property owners approve the creation of the LHD. The western portion of the proposed LHD is referred to as the "Buass-Martin area" because John Buass and the Martin family were once major property owners in the area.

The walking tour will happen on April 29th at 10AM. Walkers will gather at the corner of Augusta and Frances. The tour will last about one hour. Among other things, walkers will learn about the three siblings who all once owned houses along Frances; the fascinating history of John Buass, a former ship captain in Norway, who arrived in Austin the day that Texas became a Republic; why the Franzetti house was built with brick; the influx of Italians to OWA from the Lake Country of Italy, one of whom established the legendary Casiraghi's restaurant; and about 812 Theresa, an architecurally-significant house with a distinguished history that is slated for demolition.